QUICK FACTS  - Solar Electric (Photovoltaic) Systems

How much solar electricity do I need?

To produce all the power for your home you typically need 2-10 kilowatts (1 kilowatt = 1,000 watts), depending on your energy use and the efficiency of your lights, refrigerator, washing machine, computers, and other appliances. System size is also determined by site conditions, including the amount of southern exposure. We’ll work closely with you to determine the most efficient design for your needs and your budget.

Is there enough sunlight in the northeast?

Yes. New York has plenty of sun, as much sun as the national average. Peak efficiency occurs during the summer months, but a solar electric system will perform well throughout the year. Solar electric systems should be south-facing with full sun exposure between the hours of 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM year-round.

Is solar affordable?

Yes! Solar electric systems are affordable for everyone, thanks to leasing options, tax credits, rebates, and low -interest financing.

Does my electric meter really spin backwards?

Yes. When a residential grid-tied solar electric system generates more power then the home consumes, the excess electricity is sent back onto the utility grid. Excess power going back onto the grid spins your meter backwards and reduces your electric bill. This is called net metering.

Is my home ideal for solar?

There are a variety of installation options to accommodate existing structures or new construction. Roof-mounted solar electric systems require a south-facing (all material types) roof that receives several hours of year round, full sunlight (older roofs should be replaced when the solar system is installed).

QUICK FACTS  - Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems

Can a solar hot water system  heat my home?

The most economic use of a system is to heat domestic hot water but a solar hot water system can also be used to supplement hot air or radiant floor heating systems.

Can it heat my pool?

Yes, excess heat from a solar hot water system can be diverted to your pool in the summertime, extending the swimming season.

Are solar hot water systems efficient?

Yes, solar hot water systems are more efficient than photovoltaic systems.  A maintained system will last for decades with very little loss in heating efficiency.

Will the system work  when it’s really cold outside?

Yes, since the collectors are insulated, they effectively “trap” the heat in the collector - as long as it’s sunny - the system will perform well!

Where are the systems most commonly installed?

Most of our clients choose to install the system on the roof.  If a roof installation doesn’t work at the site, then we can design an attractive ground mounted system.

Is it affordable?

Yes. After generous federal and state tax incentives, payback is fast – making solar affordable for everyone.



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