Take power anywhere! It's easy with SunDog's Power-To-Go. Take it with you to run your laptop, mobile cooler, charge cell phones, power lights and audio systems all from the Earth's free power source; the Sun! Built to be mobile, the power station is built on a cart for easy maneuverability. No sun? No problem! This mobile power station has a battery for storing power. Just leave the unit in the sun during the day and you'll have energy at night. Standard 110v 3 prong outlets assure that most common household items can be plugged in.

Product Specifications:

(1) Steel cart

(2) 40W 12VDC PV Modules

(1) Morning Star SunSaver-10 charge controller

(1) 12 VDC meter for battery

(1) 33 Amp Hour Sealed Battery (extra batteries optional)

(1) 80 Watt, 110V Inverter


Power Output

    Device            Operation

1 - Light 10 W LED        16 Hrs

2 - Lights 10 W LED       8 Hrs

Radio 20 W                   8 Hrs

Laptop Computer 30W    6 Hrs

19” Color TV  80 W        2.5 Hrs

Mobile Cooler                2 Hrs

These operation times are estimates based on running solely on the 33 Amp Hour Battery.  In the sunshine, this equipment will run continuously.                                                                     


The Power Station measures 50.5” tall x 21.5” wide x 23” deep.

Back view of the Power Station with two 10W lights.

The Power Station disassembles easily to fit into the trunk of a car.

The PV Panels and the cart handle fold down for compact storage.

Each Power Station comes with an inverter with two three prong outlets plus a usb port and an easy to read voltage meter.

Solar Battery Charging Station


Power Options:

We offer four convenient options to power your charging station:

1. No Battery (customer provides battery)

2. 1 - 33 Amp Hr Sealed Lead Acid Battery

3. 2 - 33 Amp Hr Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

4. 1 - 105 Amp Hr Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Media Options:

Take the show on the road (or to the beach, campground, anywhere really

- you’ve got the power!).

Samson XP40iW - $350.00 additional

The XP40iW is perfect for PA situations and settings offering everything you need to deliver a profesional and memorable presenatation.  A built-in VHF wireless microphone is included and an IPod dock with level control gives you the option of incorporating songs or other MP3’s into your performance.  Bass and treble controls allow your sound to match you specific setting and audience.

Soundcraft Compact 10 mixer  - $260.00 additional

This mixing console is equipped with 4 mic inputs with high-quality mic preamps and phantom power plus line inputs, and a DI input for instruments, plus stereo inputs for keyboards, CD/tape, or turntables (with RIAA equalization).

Belkin Tune Studio - $300.00 additional

The Belkin TuneStudio is a unique four-channel mixer that lets you create high-quality digital recordings directly onto an iPod. This mixer allows the input of up to four different instruments or audio sources, and it records the audio onto your iPod for instant playback. With a compact but rugged design, TuneStudio is ideal for musicians who need an economical, compact mixer that can withstand the rigors of the road.

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