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Use the sun’s energy to create electricity for your home!  Multiple system sizes and mounting options allows the systems to help offset electricity at most locations. Generous Federal and Steve incentive programs allow these systems to be more affordable than ever.  Best of all, the systems will last for decades.  The sun will keep shining and you will keep saving.

Solar hot water system technology is mature, efficient and thanks to generous Federal and State rebates, more affordable than ever.  You can use the sun to heat your domestic hot water or contribute to radiant floor heating. No matter how cold it is outside, if there is sunshine, these systems can make hot water.

solarpool heating


Why use fossil fuels to heat your pool when we get the most sunshine in the summer months?  Harness that power with a solar pool heating system. A solar pool heating system can raise the temperature from 10 to 20 degrees, allowing your family to get more use and extend your swimming season.

Be cool, be warm, be comfortable.  An electric heat pump can do it all (including dehumidifying). These extremely efficient units install quickly (usually in one day) and since they run on electric, a solar photovotaic system can be installed making the “fuel” free from the sun!


Of the many home improvements that can help you save money, insulation is one of the best.  Through our sister company, Kling, we install closed and open cell spray insulation and blown cellulose.  



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