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Heat Your Pool Naturally!

With a solar pool heating system you can extend your swimming season allowing you and your family to swim comfortably earlier in the spring and later in the fall.  These systems typically boost your pool’s temperature 10 - 15 degrees during the summer!

If you are using propane or other fuel to heat your pool, installing a solar pool heating system will typically pay for itself in just 2 - 3 seasons.

SunDog Solar installs Heliocol pool panels, the leading manufacturer of solar pool heating equipment in the US.  

Heliocol’s panels produce more energy per square foot than the leading competitors and have a 12 year warranty on panels, parts and labor. With three color choices to match different roof styles, and gapless connections between panels, Heliocol is more aesthetically pleasing and blends with ease into the existing architecture.  We can install pool heating systems on roofs or on ground mounts.

“I’m saving thousands of dollars per year with the solar pool heating system and my family is thrilled at the results!”

- Martin in Ghent NY

Roof Mounted System in Chatham, NY

Ground Mounted System in Palnal, VT

Our installers can install the pool panels on your roof or create a ground mounted installation.  The system is design to work with your existing pump and filtering systems.

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