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We use Heliodyne and AET high quality flat panel solar hot water collectors.  These flat panel solar hot water collectors have been designed to hug the roofline, creating a streamlined, aesthetically pleasing appearance.  Most residential systems only need two or three panels.  Both brands of collectors have a 10 year warranty and have been certified by independent testing agencies.

Our installers have completed advanced training to ensure that they deliver fast, reliable and quality installations.

Make Hot Water from the Sun & Save

A solar hot water system (solar thermal system) uses free energy from the sun to heat water. These systems are typically used for domestic hot water (showers, washing machines and dishwashers), accounting for a significant portion of your utility bill. As energy costs continue to rise, investing in a solar hot water system is a smart and affordable solution.

Using the sun to heat your home's Domestic Hot Water (DHW) is an efficient way to reduce utility costs and reduce your carbon footprint.  Many Solar DHW systems will provide most of the hot water for your home from May through September.  Overall, your hot water bills should drop from 50% - 70%.

Solar hot water systems can also be used to supplement some heating systems such as hot water radiant floor heat and forced hot air systems.  However, these systems cannot be used (economically) to supplement a hot water baseboard system. Radiant floor heat runs at much lower temperatures (about 90 degrees) than hot water baseboard (about 160 - 180 degrees), and when you would need the most heat production (in the middle of winter) there is the least amount of daylight hours.

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